Product Care


Although the tough metal bonding and protective layers during the crafting process allow our pieces to withstand the test of time, there are a few ways to help keep them in perfect conditions for even longer.

  • Avoid exposure to unnecessary sprays or chemicals (e.g. wearing your chains after applying perfume).
  • Keep in a cool dark place when not worn. Flex Culture jewellery boxes also come with a pouch for this purpose.
  • Storing pieces individually prevents pieces from tangling and scratching each other.

Day-to-day Cleaning:

The best method to clean your vermeil jewellery is simply by gently rubbing and polishing with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth (like the ones for your sunglasses).

You could use our complimentary polish cloth provided free with every Flex Culture purchase.

The cloth should be soft and nonabrasive. Check that the cloth is clean and free of any lint that may get stuck in between the links. You'll be surprised by how much your pieces will shine and polish back up to their original hues by gentle rubbing alone and removing daily grime build-up.

Deep Clean:

For a deeper clean of gunk that has gotten really deep between the chain links, you can dilute a few drops of regular mild liquid soap in warm water. Then dip the clean polish cloth into the solution and use it to gently rub and push away the dirt. Afterwards, pat dry with another clean fabric.

Do not use brushes as advised by some other jewellers/ sites as it may cause unnecessary damage.

Bringing it to a professional jeweller or using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner will work too.