Our Materials

We put out only Sterling Silver (s925) or Gold Vermeil pieces.

Our Sterling Silver pieces are coated with an anti-tarnishing coating to protect it from the daily wear and tear.

Our Gold Vermeil collection are pieces with a gold bonded layer over an s925 base metal to a minimum of 2.5 microns (which is the minimum international standard for most countries to label it as Gold Vermeil). We use 18k gold for this bonding.

Most competitors selling at these prices would use a cheaper steel or brass metals to mimic the real materials, always check what their base metal is under the coating as it may not be real silver or gold.

Other retailers might say that they coat their pieces in gold "3x" or "5x", implying that their thicker coat would make their gold products last longer. This is misleading as they never tell you the thickness of their coat. Every one knows 5 x 0 is still 0. So without a specified thickness, "5x" means nothing.

The reason they do this is because it is unknown or not important to them, or their manufacturing process is unable to do it. Our manufacturing criteria specifies 2.5 microns minimum coating to ensure it meets the international standard before labelling it as Gold Vermeil. Otherwise, it would just be labelled "gold plated" like our competitors.

However, keeping the culture and community alive at any price point is more important than crapping on competitors. We do appreciate the value they bring to the market as not everyone who appreciates this style of jewellery are able to pay a little extra for the Gold Vermeil or s925 products. We hope knowing this encourages you to keep hustling and upgrading your chains made from the steel in your kitchen sink, to sterling silver or gold vermeil and all the way up to solid gold.